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Kateřina Minařík Kudějová

Kateřina Kudějová is a Czech water slalom skier, kayaker competing in the K1 category. She is World Champion, Junior World Champion and European Champion under-23.


7. – 9. 5. 2021

EC, Italy, Ivrea

July 2021

OG, Japan, Tokyo

September 2021

WC, Slovakia, Čunovo


1st place

EC Czechia 2020 K1W

4th place

WC Spain 2019 K1W

1st place

WC United Kingdom 2015 K1W

About me

I have been attracted to water and water sports since I was little. Until I was fourteen, my path was not entirely clear, and at times it seemed that I would be a professional aquabel. In the end, however, the love of wild water, kayaking and water slalom won out.

My first coaches were my parents. With their help, I worked my way up to winning at the European and World Junior Championships levels. Today, they are still my greatest supporters and my number one fans. Thanks to them, I learned what it means to paddle for life, both literally and figuratively.

Today, under the leadership of Jiří Prskavec Sr., I am a European and world champion with nomination for the Olympic Games. I still have that childish enthusiasm that started it all, I just set my goals much higher now. And I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.